At Oriental Academy, we have also included dance in our academic curriculum. Dance as a part of our curriculum is not a diversion or disturbance but an exercise that can help in developing our student’s mind and body. We are firm believers of the fact that dancing being a mix of art and exercise helps in connecting the mind and body, which makes our students sharper and stronger.

Though dance has long been seen just as a co-curricular activity, but in today’s world dance as a career, option holds a whole different level of recognition and growth.

Advantages of Dance:



At Oriental Academy, we have Kathak classes as well. This dance form has originated from the groups of poets of ancient Northern India, popularly known as Kathaks, or storytellers. The Kathaks used to perform their stories with hand gestures and facial expressions. It was a high-class theatre that was performed using instrumental and vocal music along with amplified gestures in order to tell the stories.


The Bollywood dance form is a type of dance that is a mixture of numerous styles. Created with the mix of music and dance tradition of the Indian Sub-Continent, it is characterized by elaborate choreography, energetic movements, and involvement of a large number of participants. We always encourage our students to learn this dance form as well which helps them to imbibe qualities like coordination and teamwork.


 We at Oriental Academy always embrace our diverse Indian culture and encourage our students to be involved in them. Bhangra is a dynamic form of folk music and dance that originates from Punjab. Bhangra has recently enjoyed a surge in recognition worldwide, both in traditional form and as a combination with genres such as hip-hop, house, and reggae.