Computer labs often serve as a center for teaching computer basics to the students. Oriental Academy has well-equipped computer labs to urge the students into the foray of advanced computer skills. Also, full computer lab workstations deliver greater computing power and more screen space which helps the students to learn more efficiently.


In order to help our students to construct an understanding of their own physics ideas, we have well equipped Physics Laboratory for the students to perform their experiments. The knowledge of the subject cannot simply be transmitted by the teacher but must be developed by students in interactions with nature and the teacher. Meaningful learning occurs where laboratory activities are a well-integrated part of a learning sequence. 


In order to help our students to foster scientific temper and spirit of inquiry, Oriental Academy has another lab dedicated to performing chemistry experiments. Our school has a well equipped and maintained chemistry lab where students enjoy to analyze, test, and verify various theories and principles of chemistry.


Since learning is not just about theoretical knowledge but also practically implying whatever you have learned. Observations and experiments make learning more interesting and fun. The biology lab at Oriental Academy is well equipped with preserved specimens, slides, models, and bio visual charts which emphasize developing scientific temper among the students.