Technology is an integral part of today's environment and Oriental Academy has been successful in bringing technology to the classrooms with the introduction of interactive Smart Classes. This helps students get a better understanding of concepts through audio-visual learning.

Classroom transforms into an interactive forum for sharing experiences among students, thus helping in widening their analytical, logical and reasoning abilities.

We believe in delivering studies through Smart classes that has brought an extreme change in the way students learn in classrooms thereby increasing their interest in learning which has further improved their academic performance.


In oriental Academy, we focus on providing recorded sessions to students so that they can access the video record of the session at any time and consult or clarify any doubts because for us every student is important.

Also, In conventional classrooms, it is a tough time for students to copy all the notes that were given on a particular day. Thus, recorded sessions help them to complete their notes anytime.


It is important to create authentic assessment activities in the online environment. We understand how crucial it is to start with a set of clearly defined learning outcomes.

Oriental Academy provides online assessment mapping to chapter-topics that help students practice the concepts learned.


Live classes are a very effective instructional strategy for students who are struggling while learning.

Oriental Academy provides animated videos in classes that make it easy for students to visualize all the tough concepts in the curriculum which they can learn easily through live classes.

Our school organizes these events to help our students in giving the best exposure to develop their skills.


For us every student is important. Students can now actively participate in the learning process which helps them to simplify and enhance the overall learning experience.

E-books make the learning process more convenient and efficient which helps students to learn anytime, anywhere.

Our school organizes these events to help our students in giving the best exposure to develop their skills.